We’ve been breaking a lot of new ground this year …

In May, we launched a new version of the USASBE Teaching and Learning Scholars program. (Oh yeah? Yeah, and we’ve already begun recruiting for our 2019/20 cohort!  Tell me more »)

In August, we accepted 15 amazing 2018/19 Scholars from around the world who have begun the exciting work of designing significant learning experiences on their campuses right now. (Cool. It’s been super cool.  Can I see how that works? »)

In September, we launched something we call the Curriculum Design Studio. (Now that sounds interesting. Thanks, it really is!  Get a sneak peek here »)

And on January 24 from 1-5 pm, we’ll be launching the first ever Curriculum Design Consortium at St. Pete Beach!

(Each year at its annual conference, USASBE offers a wonderful Doctoral Consortium to prepare students to boldly teach and engage in entrepreneurship scholarship. That’s something different »)

For the first time this year, we’ll also be offering a Curriculum Design Consortium!

The Curriculum Design Consortium is a new concept that’s complementary and different in the following ways:

  • It’s open to anyone attending the conference (i.e. not just doctoral students, and especially people wanting some practical tools, approaches, and maybe a kick in the pants to kickstart a new curriculum design project)
  • The focus is on providing you with ways of building impactful change in your course or program
  • It’s an introductory half-day session to be held as a dynamic pre-conference workshop
  • You’ll learn how to design and assess leading-edge curricula for entrepreneurship, and get a bunch of practical tools for designing and launching your own project
  • You’ll be introduced and get to try to what we call the Curriculum Design Studio, a dynamic educational science and design thinking-based approach to curriculum design
  • You’ll take home what you need to hit the ground running yourself
  • You’ll get to meet and work with our 2018/19 USASBE Teaching and Learning Scholars
  • You’ll learn more about opportunities for becoming a 2019/20 USASBE Teaching and Learning Scholar

Deadline for application is December 11, 2018, but we’re accepting qualified applicants on a first come first serve basis.

Applications are being reviewed as they come in, so you’ll know quickly if you’ve been accepted.

Participation in this inaugural consortium is free to people attending the conference (or $300 if you only attend this consortium experience). But only a small group of people will be selected. Individuals are welcome, and small teams are encouraged to apply together.

The consortium will be chaired by Dr. Alex Bruton, VP Pedagogy and Learning at USASBE, and co-facilitated by the 2018/19 Teaching and Learning Scholars.